Wally Ingram
Tribute to 65

My Birthday is today,
Think I'll go out and play
Fall is in the air
I finally got on Medicare.

I arrived alive at 65
With assorted aches and pains
My joints are stiff and sore
and I have varicose veins.

My teeth are gone
As is most of my hair
It takes a lot longer
To walk from here to there.

I go to bed at the stroke of eight
By eleven o'clock I'm wide awake
I fall asleep again and awake at three
Now I have to get up and pee.

I finally get up and stay
It's now time to start my day
I rinse my teeth and put them in
Now I have to pee again.

I have my black Coffee
Watch the news on TV
Then of course
I have to pee.

This thing they call a prostate bland
Is all they say it is
Cause I spend most of my day
Trying to find a place to whiz.

Well gettin old ain't really so bad
although it makes me kind of sad.
I can't be all that I could be
Cause I'm spending all my time taking a pee.

Wally Ingram
Age 65 as of today 10/3/04